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However, his actions prevented the coach from falling into the ravine, which would have presented an even more serious risk to the lives of his passengers. Michael Hooper. Mex., while commanding the right of a detachment of 19 men, on 12 August 1881, he stubbornly held his ground in an extremely exposed position and gallantly forced back a much superior number of the enemy, preventing them from surrounding the command. See Queen's Gallantry Medal. www.identifymedals.com Identify Medals All rights reserved - 2022, The Operational Service Medal for Sierra Leone. Queen's Gallantry Medal Awarded in recognition of acts of gallantry of a slightly lower degree than that required . Special bravery in endeavoring to dislodge Indians secreted in a ravine . Although shot in the abdomen, in a fight between a paymaster's escort and robbers, did not leave the field until again wounded through both arms. The MAST team deployed in support of an unarmed surveillance team, which followed the subjects to an industrial unit. Queen's Gallantry Medal Michael Rose (British Army officer) S Rupert Smith Vincent Strafford Michael Swindells T Dominic Troulan Categories Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Interred in Mount Calvary Cemetery, Lansing Kansas. Bravery in rescuing Lt. King, 5th U.S. Cavalry, from Indians. Lists of military awards were published in those gazettes. After a few seconds she resurfaced and was quickly caught up in fast moving water. The Queen's Gallantry Medal (or QGM) is a United Kingdom decoration awarded for exemplary acts of bravery by civilians, and by members of the Armed Forces "not in the face of the enemy", where the services were not so outstanding as to merit the George Cross or the George Medal. These were first made of silk but cotton was increasingly used as the nineteenth century developed. Carried a message through a country infested with hostile Indians and saved the life of a comrade en route. Her Queen's Gallantry Medal is awarded "for exemplary acts of bravery." On their return trip down the canyon they were attacked by Apache who were successfully held at bay. [10], In September 2022 the Queen's Gallantry Medal assumed the new name of King's Gallantry Medal following the accession of King Charles III. The reverse, in silver-gilt, is patterned with rays and depicts the royal cypher and St Edward's Crown in gold and enamel. After having been severely wounded in right shoulder, continued to do duty in a most courageous manner. The Queens Gallantry Medal (QGM) is the third level civil decoration of the United Kingdom. In the early evening of 12 August 2016, a knife fight broke out between two men in the flat above Lillian Hoods. conjunction with Queen's Regulations and DINs. When the ribbon alone is worn, a silver rosette denotes award of the Clasp. This caused the subject to stumble and fall to the ground, where the armed officers pursuing on foot were able to detain him. Crew Manager Whartons personal flotation device (PFD) and kit was preventing him from going under water. The armed forces received 542 awards and civilians, including police, 552 including 120 to the Royal Ulster Constabulary, almost twice as many as any other group. There is a clear expectation that those invited to receive an honour are, and will continue to be, role models. Sea Gallantry Medal (SGM) Subscribe now for regular news, updates and priority booking for events.Sign up, All content is available under the Open Government Licence Check published sources, such as those in the further reading section of this guide, before you start a search for records of recommendations or citations as they may provide exact document references and additional information. ", Street fighting in Bakhmut but Russia not in control, Russian minister laughed at for Ukraine war claims. This guide will help you through all the parts and descriptions of military medals, < gov.uk/medals-campaigns-descriptions-and-eligibility>, Some of the material on this page was also partially derived from. Military Medal (MM) By now, the heat from the fire was searing hot and driving the officers back. Try series MINT 16, MINT 20, MINT 24 and MINT 25. We'd like to use additional cookies to remember your settings and understand how you use our services. The Queen's Gallantry Medal (QGM) is a United Kingdom decoration awarded for exemplary acts of bravery by civilians, and by members of the Armed Forces "not in the face of the enemy", where the services were not so outstanding as to merit the George Cross or the George Medal, but above the level required for the Queen's Commendation for Bravery. "The first 10 metres we were just laughing our heads off at each other saying 'this is horrendous'," he said. He managed to jump backwards over the compound wall and continue the assault, in which all insurgents were killed. For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Category:Recipients of the Queen's Gallantry Medal. Diving Superintendent on the Piper Alpha Oil Platform for leading 19 men to safety after the North Sea structure exploded. From 30th November 1977, the Queen's Gallantry Medal has been awarded posthumously, and thus from that date it also replaced the Queen's Police Medal for Gallantry. This has always been the case since the introduction of the award in 1940. Courage while in command of a detachment. Dont worry we wont send you spam or share your email address with anyone. The wars, which ranged from the 17th-century (King Philip's War, King William's War, and Queen Anne's War at the opening of the 18th century) to the Leech Lake uprising in 1898. Foreign awards to Britons and British awards to foreign servicemen and women (from 1854), 5. "Gallantry in action." Officer Carrs actions came at a personal cost to him, as the tripping action caused him to fall from his motorcycle and he sustained a broken leg. Guarded and carried the wounded, brought water for the same, and posted and directed the men in his charge under galling fire from the enemy. At Carrizo Canyon, N . Lists the medals awarded for service in the British armed forces, accompanied by an image for each medal. Queen's Gallantry Medal Chief Eng Offr C K A Adams RFA, RFA Sir Galahad Lt J K Boughton RN, No.825 NAS MEA (M)1 K Enticknapp, HMS Ardent Third Offr A Gudgeon RFA, RFA Sir Galahad PO Medical Asst G A Meager, HMS Sheffield Lt P J Sheldon RN, No.825 NAS Third Eng B R Williams Merchant Navy, Atlantic Conveyor BRITISH ARMY Awards are announced on Australia Day and the Queens Birthday weekend. PC Quartermain positioned himself next to PS Hooper, ready to assist. Awarded in 1976 for multiple rescues from the Coolangatta Hotel fire, when John Graham and Anthony Lacon also received the QGM. The following is a full list of recipients to date. The quick thinking, courage and professionalism of Crew Manager Wharton saved the boys life and reduced the risk of injury to members of the public. Gallantry Decorations are made by the Governor-General on the recommendation of the Minister for Defence. Register with your email address now, we can then send you an alert as soon as we add a record close matching the one you were searching for. He continued to fight, defending an exposed dying man. Dont include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details. All four cavalry troopers and two civilian scouts in Zachariah T. Woodall's courier detail were awarded the Medal of Honor for this hours-long battle along the Wichita River (some texts say Washita River, a more northerly tributary of the same Red River of the South watershed). It is thought that these lists are not comprehensive. He was aware of the potential danger to NCA colleagues and potentially members of the public. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google A further 122 firearms that were in the process of being manufactured were also recovered. Gallantry Decorations are awarded for heroic courage in action. Davidson Canyon near Camp Crittenden, Arizona Territory. To this end, the CGC replaced the DSO (when awarded for gallantry), the DCM and both types of CGM (Naval and RAF). Stanley MacLeod. We also use cookies set by other sites to help us deliver content from their services. Gallantry in defeating Indians who attacked the mail. The TASER had the effect of causing the subject to fall to the ground, where he was detained by other armed officers who were also in pursuit. Sgt Robinson was repeatedly smashed against the deck of a French fishing vessel as she dangled from an RAF Sea King helicopter on March 21. As a result of their efforts both officers received treatment for first degree burns and smoke inhalation. Rallied a detachment, skillfully conducted a running flight of 3 or 4 hours, and by his coolness, bravery, and unflinching devotion to duty in standing by his commanding officer in an exposed position under a heavy fire from a large party of Indians saved the lives of at least 3 of his comrades. You have rejected additional cookies. The explosion, and ensuing fire, was so powerful that it demolished the entire building and killed 5 people who were inside at the time. Conspicuous Gallantry Cross - Recipients. The Gazette indexes available at The National Archives can help to establish a date. The armed forces received 542 awards and civilians, including police, 552 including 120 to the Royal Ulster Constabulary, almost twice as many as any other group. research. Firefighters Quarmby and Burgess were already at the waterside and witnessed her become trapped in the water. 1, two bars and three bars(Matador, 2006), Peter Edward Abbott, Recipients of the Distinguished Conduct Medal, 1855-1909 (London, 1975), Peter Edwards Abbott and John Michael Allen Tamplin, British Gallantry Awards (London, 1981), Christopher K Bate and Martin G Smith, For Bravery in the Field: Recipients of the Military Medal, 1919-1939, 1939-1945, 1945-1991 (1991), John D Clarke, Gallantry Medals and Decorations of the World (Barnsley, 2001), O Moore Creagh and EM Humphris, The Distinguished Service Order 1886-1923: AComplete Record of the Recipients of the Distinguished Service Order from its Institution in 1886, to the 12th June 1923, with Descriptions of the Deeds and Services for which the Award was Given and with Many Biographical and Other Details(London, 1978), Michael Maton, Honour the Air Forces: Honours and Awards to the RAF and Dominion Air Forces during the Second World War (Honiton: Token Publishing, 2004), Michael Maton, Honour the Armies: Honours and Awards to the British and Dominion Armies during the Second World War (Honiton: Token Publishing, 2006), Michael Maton, Honour the Officers: Honours Awards to British, Dominion and Colonial Officers during World War I (Honiton: Token Publishing, 2009), Michael Maton, Honour The Recipents of Foreign Awards (Honiton: Token Publishing 2013), Phil McDermott, For Conspicuous Gallantry: The Register of the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal, 1855-1992 (Uckfield, 1995), Philip McDermott, For Distinguished Conduct in the Field: The Register of the Distinguished Conduct Medal 1920-1992 (Polstead, 1994), Ian McInnes, The Meritorious Service Medal: The Immediate Awards 1916-1928 (Dallington, 1992), William Spencer, Army Service Records of the First World War (The National Archives, 2001 & 2008), William Spencer, Army Records for Family Historians (3nd edn, The National Archives, 2008), William Spencer, Air Force Records: A Guide for Family Historians (The National Archives, 2008), William Spencer, Medals: The Researchers Guide (Kew, 2006), Rob W Walker, Recipients of the Distinguished Conduct Medal, 1914-1920 (Birmingham, 1981), List of the Recipients of the Victoria Cross (War Office, 1953), Victoria Cross and other awards issued with Army Orders, For quick pointersTuesday to Saturday To help us improve GOV.UK, wed like to know more about your visit today. Engaged singlehanded 2 renegade Indians until his horse was shot under him and then pursued them so long as he was able. They then safely removed the two passengers and pilot. (2nd award) Carried Lt. Henry Romeyn, who was severely wounded, off the field of battle under heavy fire. Recipients of the George Cross, the George Medal and the Queens Gallantry Medal receive their awards at a Royal Investiture. Quick filters: Black & white. Volunteered to accompany a small detachment on a very dangerous mission. The Indian Wars comprised a series of smaller wars. Awards may be made to foreign nationals, apart from the George Cross which is restricted to British subjects. Prior to this, if the level of bravery of the individual was such to merit either award, should the police officer survive the event, he/she would be awarded the George Medal, and conversely, should they lose their life, then the appropriate award was the Queen's Police medal for Gallantry (posthumous award). He had 2 horses shot from under him, and was captured, but escaped and reported for duty after 3 days' hiding and wandering in the mountains. The most well-known honours are probably MBEs, OBEs and CBEs, but there are a whole range of other honours that The Queen awards in addition to these, such as The Order of Merit, or The Order of St Michael and St George. There are separate records for the award of campaign medals (awarded purely for service) see ourBritish Army campaign and service medalsguide for advice on finding these. They are: For policy files on medals, see series ADM 1 code 85, ADM 116 code 85, AIR 1, AIR 2, HO 45 code 30, MT 9 code 6, T 300 and T 333 and WO 32 code 50. All four cavalry troopers and two civilian scouts in Zachariah T. Woodall's courier detail were awarded the Medal of Honor for this hours-long battle along the Wichita River (some texts say Washita River, a more northerly tributary of the same Red River of the South watershed). For rescuing two girls being held by Native Americans. GitHub export from English Wikipedia. During the Second World War, for example, some members of the Royal Air Force received British Army awards. Mizpah Creek, Mont. He was severely wounded in the hip and unable to move. The documents in this series (WO 388) are arrangedby country. Gallantry in the attack against hostile Sioux Indians on May 7, 1877 at Muddy Creek, Mont., and in the engagement with Nez Perces Indians at Camas Meadows, Idaho, on 20 August 1877 in which he sustained a painful knee wound. She immediately went to the flat and entered. While in charge of small scouting parties, fought, charged, surrounded, and captured war parties of Sioux Indians. Daniel Nicholson and Joel Snarr were independently driving along the A40 dual carriageway in separate vehicles. Rescued, with the voluntary assistance of 2 soldiers, the wounded from under a heavy fire. While carrying dispatches was attacked by 125 hostile Indians, whom he and his comrades fought throughout the day. The records of gallantry medals and awards, 4. Queen's Gallantry Medal (QGM) Recipients collect their awards from The Queen or another Member of the Royal Family at an Investiture ceremony. Due to the close proximity to the fire station and the urgency of the call, the crew responded on foot to the river as they knew this would provide a quicker response. Mr Wrightson had to make an immediate decision. The QGM has been awarded posthumously since 30 November 1977. Read about our approach to external linking. As the MAST team moved to effect the arrests, they activated public warning equipment and immediately both subjects started to run away from officers. . The Queen's Gallantry Medal is also awarded to military personnel for acts which military honours would not normally be granted such as acts of exemplary bravery not in the presence of the enemy. A citation is a brief official statement, taken from the recommendation, of why a medal was awarded. The members are: Cases are assessed against a number of factors including: The GCCs recommendations are submitted through the Prime Minister to The Sovereign for approval. Had a firearm been used it could have resulted in possibly one or more of the suspects or officers being shot dead. Thedoris Appuhami of Moratuwa - Sri Lanka, who was awarded the King's Medal for Gallantry at Queen's House ~ 1937, Home Office Circular No 252/1951 dated 10 December 1951. The online records can be searched by name of recipient. It was already dark and the ground surface was uneven and littered with debris. While commanding a detachment of 25 men at Fort Tularosa, N. His judgement and actions likely prevented more serious injuries. On Saturday 18 August 2018, Glenn Carr was deployed as an armed surveillance motorcyclist attached to a mobile armed support team (MAST). Went to the rescue of the commanding officer who had fallen severely wounded, picked him up, and carried him out of range of the hostile guns. It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Saved the life of a dismounted soldier, who was in imminent danger of being cut off, by alone galloping quickly to his assistance under heavy fire and escorting him to a place of safety, his horse being twice shot in this action. On 16 April 2013, Maurice Wrightson was driving a coach bringing 51 British passengers home to the UK from France. Dak., where he defeated a force of 300 Brule Sioux warriors, and turned the Sioux tribe, which was endeavoring to enter the Bad Lands, back into the Pine Ridge Agency.

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